Welcome to Cirrus Editing.

I’m not here to impress you with a sophisticated web design and amazing graphics. My passion is the written word and what matters to me is your book. If you’re here to check out my skill with words, if what matters to you is your book, we can work together. Your job is to write something original and interesting. My job is to ensure your spelling, punctuation and grammar are completely conventional. It’s not good enough to use the excuse that even ‘professionally published’ books have errors. Why work so hard then fail to make it the best you can achieve? Your story deserves better.

If you care about getting it right, if you want to work with someone through the stages between final draft and publishing, retaining control of your hard work, you have come to the right place. I want to form a good working relationship with you; I will suggest corrections, taking heed of your style, whilst you decide if you want to accept those corrections or not. Be assured that your work will remain yours. I am here as a tool to help you present your work with a professional polish.

I am English so I write in UK English; I edit in UK, US or Canadian English, whichever you specify. I mostly edit works of fiction but I have an excellent scientific and technical background and will consider works of non-fiction.


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