Two exciting things (for me!)

Look out for the sequel to the very well-received debut novel, Khe


I must admit it was very gratifying to get my first editing commission within a few hours of hanging out my editor’s shingle on GR. What is really exciting, though, is who has commissioned my work. I am absolutely thrilled that Alexes Razevich is entrusting the sequel to her novel, Khe, to me. This is the review of Khe I posted in March 2013:

 This is a very impressive, polished debut novel and I am really looking forward to more work by Alexes Razevich. I shall miss the doumanas. I would like to make friends with several of them, especially Khe herself.

From the very first pages I felt comfortable in the world this author has created. It is familiar enough that I did not feel disorientated, different enough that it is most definitely an alien world. I particularly liked the use of colours to reflect the emotions felt by the doumanas. How strange it would be, knowing your emotions are visible to whoever is with you.

My connection with Khe was strong throughout. She is a fully rounded character, one I empathised with and rooted for, each day longing for more free time to turn to the next page. She grew as her story unfurled, and I felt the things she was feeling. The other characters are also well-drawn and I was sad when Inra Returned before I could get to know her better. The pace is steady, thrusting forward to a very satisfying ending after the almost unbearable tension of the efforts of a few soumyo to oust the interlopers, the controlling lumani, from their planet.

This really is a masterly use of language to create a fully believable world, and I highly recommend it.


Irish Blog Awards nomination

The second exciting thing is having one of my short stories posted on a blog that has been nominated for the Irish Blog Awards. Congratulations Ali!


That nomination is very well deserved as it is a fascinating site to spend some time; if you are interested in Ali’s excellent writing, or in her take on living with a child who needs special care, or if you are interested in Irish mythology, there’s something here for you.

Ali has become somewhat of an expert on those legends due to her meticulous research for her novels. She has posted the myths in the form of gripping stories, and posted some very interesting stuff about the places where it all (supposedly) happened. When Ali gets typing, the characters she creates leap off the page and… almost… convince me their stories are part of the real history of Eire. After all, isn’t our knowledge of our history reliant on what has been told about it?


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