Sixfold voting for round 1 has started

I first came across Sixfold Fiction (and Sixfold Poetry) when I was checking out the ratings for Of Words and Water on Smashwords.


These quarterly anthologies really impressed me with the (mostly) excellent stories… so I took a deep breath and entered one of my own stories in the competition for inclusion. I like the democratic way the voting is set up. Each competitor is allocated 6 stories to read, critique and rate in each of 3 rounds, the highest overall-rated stories going through to consecutive rounds. At the end of voting in round 3 the best get included in the anthology, but everyone can gain something from the process. Reading such a variety of stories can generate more ideas for one’s own writing, critiquing forces the thought processes into assessing what works well – and what doesn’t – in a short story, and anyone who wishes can get feedback on their stories by reading the critiques. I don’t know of any other writing competition that can be so beneficial to every entrant.

I just hope I’m not knocked out in the first round…


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